The already successful cooperation between melo X and various contemporary composers. (CD “in futura minima”) has realises this project, which is called “Aus 1002 Art”.

Folk traditions were developed by oral delivery inside a cultural complex. So they imply all the history and the peculiarities of the environment of the area in which they came into being.
This only worked as long as a cultural complex was a compact whole. But now, along with the globalisation, all the boundaries start dissolving.
Different cultures are about to mingle, and that´s why it´s time to create a new perception of tradition.

Musical Program

Seven composers were asked to answer questions like:
“How much are you influenced by Austrian tradition?”
“Which associations do you have with Austrian tradition?” and
“How do contemporary artists deal with the Austrian cultural asset?”
For the compositions the composers had to either work on the already existing cultural asset, (Folk song, poem, story…), or invent something new by relying on traditional motives.

Visual Program

Folk tradition implies not only music, but also dance, drama, clothing, etc.
There for it was very important for melo X to not only use music for the reflection of the Austrian tradition, but also to include many other aspects of such an old culture.
So “AUS 1002 ART” includes also the art of video, light and drama.
Together with the seven compositions these art forms create seven different settings (pictures).

with the cooperation of

Agnes Heginger: vocal
Christian Paumgarten: vocal

Arne Marsel: soprano sax, ewi
Nicole Marsel: alto sax, khan
Gabriele Riegler: tenor sax, bass clarinet
Christian Eder-Colvin: baritonsax, clarinet

Eva Müller: performance
Sigrid Schnögl: videodesign
Dulci Jahn: lightdesign

Reinhard Buchta: sound engineer

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