BÖÖ - the heavens of the Mongolians
BÖÖ translated from Mongolian language means “natural healer”,
one who acts as a mediator between the world of the visible
and the invisible.
In this project BÖÖ stands as a synonym for the music,
which acts as a mediator between borders of our world.

The Project BÖÖ is collaboration with traditional Mongolian
Musicians, through 9 music-picture compositions it tells
us about the “tenger” (heavens) which have a central role
in the still very strongly rooted nature cult in Mongolia.

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in futura minima – four saxophones and electronics
A cross-section of both melo X programmes

Imaginary Folklore
Ethno-influenced arrangements and compositions

Folksongs of different origin are put into a new context by combining them with contemporary music styles.

Contemporary Compositions
Contemporary compositions especially written for melo X and partly developed in a working progress between composer and melo X

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“AUS 1002 ART” tackles with Austrian traditional culture.
In “AUS 1002 ART “ melo X want to learn something about the traditional consciousness in Austria, and therefore they invited contemporary artists in order to give there statement about the Austrian folk tradition.

Most of the statements are compositions, but the project also includes video design, light design and drama.

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„do“, the first record album of melo X, ist he Japanese term for a never-ending path. It is the path melo x are travelling along on their musical journey.