saxophones, voices, drums & percussion, traditional instruments, electronic...
Worldmusic, Jazz, Funk, Meditation, Groove.

In a single World: Drum´n´Sax

a journey through various cultures and traditions.
diving into a world of endless seeming styles
“melo“ stands for the melody, “X” for the unknown, something which is to be discovered.

We here bizarre stories about different cultures and traditions approaching each other. – a world of sound images from drum´n´bass, chamber music-like movements, ethnosounds to original voices is arising.
The aim is not to achieve an authentic imitation of the music tradition in question, but to express the associations which appear, when listening to a special song, motive or rhythm. Whenever dealing with that fascinating material melo X is led into a thrilling adventure, but particular attention is always given to the respect for the unique and striking cultures.

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