Technical Rider


An adequate P.A. System for the largeness of the particular hall. (d&b, Meyer Sound or comparable) has to be available. Before the beginning of the sound check the P.A. has to be set up and work correctly. It is important that the P.A. has a separate circuit. A sound engineer, who knows all about the set up P.A has to be available from the beginning of the sound check to the end of the performance.

The FOH has to be built up approximately in the middle of the hall. In case of doubt melo X make the decision about the exact position. On the FOH (Midas, Yamaha, Soundcraft) four stereo mixes for monitoring have to be possible. Three effect tools ( PCM91, H 3000, TC 2290 or comparable) should be sufficient. For gates and compressors have a look at the imputlist.

Either 5 wireless inears (Shure / Sennheiser or comparable), or 5 similar monitors have to be there for monitoring. The position of the Stick as well as the position of the soprano saxophone need a 3x 230V for back.line.

For the visuals a video beamer, a screen and a DVD player should be available.